Who is Good Morrow Coffee?
My name is Jonathan and I am a Torontonian with an insatiable thirst for coffee. Covid-19 hit me where it hurt. Going to shows, going to fantastic breweries, staying active and playing my own music became suddenly unavailable. My mental health, my physical health and my ability to find balance became hindered. Beyond the tangible losses, I really felt isolated. But in trying to seek a different sense of balance and of health, one thing became clear. That there is a very specific mindfulness associated to a great tasting cup of coffee. From a variety of brewing methods, to dialling in your grind for a great tasting cup of espresso to the very important story of your beans....coffee encourages mindfulness. It also encourages a journey to finding a delicious beverage that meets your needs. But more than anything, it encourages community. Post-script, this super cool recreation of my likeness was done by Felicity on Instagram! Hit her up! She's amazing!
What is Good Morrow Coffee?
Good Morrow for me is the culmination of this journey to discovering what great coffee means to me and to my community through social enterprise. The $20 per bag we are asking for is inclusive of everything. The bean, the compostable bags, the grind, the delivery and the $2.00 CAD that will be going to a charity. This month we will be donating all proceeds to Pancreatic Cancer Canada!
Responsibly Delicious
While probably the greatest tagline I have come up with...ever, it is more than just some clever words that I have written down. We utilize locally sourced organic beans from ethically sourced farms packaged in compostable bags that are delivered to your door step. Especially at the beginning, it will be me and my lovely girlfriend delivering the coffee to you. We will be following Covid-19 guidelines by wearing masks and gloves upon delivery and implementing proper protocols in our packaging process with our friends at Tâm in the Junction. As mentioned, $2 from EVERY bag will go to a monthly rotated charity.