Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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Dry processed and roasted to perfection, Good Morrow Coffee is proud to sell Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. A culmination of all that is beautifully inherent in an Ethiopian coffee. Try it as an espresso, french-pressed or pour-over coffee. It is elegant and it is exquisite. 

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Order by February 6th 11:59 AM and have some delicious coffee at your doorstep on February 13th.

Flavour Notes:

Blueberry, Wine, Floral




Meagan Dier-My Indie Coffee

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Where is Your Coffee From?

Region: Yirgacheffe 

Co-op: YCFCU

Altitude: 1700 -1950 m

Beans: Arabica



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Good Morrow Ethiopian Coffee Beans
Good Morrow Ethiopian Coffee Beans