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Malawi is the heart and soul of Good Morrow. Hand farmed in Eastern Africa, hand roasted in Newmarket and hand-delivered to your door in the GTA. This is my personal favourite and I can't wait for you to try it☺️

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Order by February 6th 11:59 AM and have some delicious coffee at your doorstep on February 13th.

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Cocoa, Fruity



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Meagan Dier-My Indie Coffee

Where is Your Coffee From

Region: MZUZU

Co-op: Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union Limited

Altitude: 1200 to 2500 m

Beans: Arabica

Posted 2020 Sep 24th by Dalia Solomonov

Got my first bag of the Malawi whole beans last week, and as soon as I opened the bag, the wonderful aroma of fresh coffee hit me instantly. I grinded the beans at home for an even fresher taste, and brewed it in a drip coffee machine. The taste was absolutely fantastic. Tried it as is without any additions (which isn't my usual go-to), and it tasted delicious and fruity, even for someone like me who really does not enjoy her coffee black. Then I tried it with my usual almond creamer, and that was a lovely combination. A perfect cup every morning, no matter how you drink it! Thank you Good Morrow Coffee for these beans that my whole family can enjoy!

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Good Morrow Malawi Coffee Beans
Good Morrow Malawi Coffee Beans