Peruvian Swiss Water Decaf

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For many, decaf coffee is a way to enjoy your favourite roasted beverage later in the day, or when high levels of caffeine have negative effects on staying up for 3 days straight. It is a fantastic solution, but often lacks a beautiful flavour palette that many of us expect. So Good Morrow Coffee is proud to present our Peruvian Swiss Water Decaf Blend, hand roasted in Newmarket, Ontario. I also, want to be clear...the picture attached...the one with the beautiful crema is this decaf blend. It is an outstanding product and I am very excited for you to give it a try.

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Order by February 6th 11:59 AM and have some delicious coffee at your doorstep on February 13th.

Flavour Notes:

Nutty, Caramel



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Meagan Dier-My Indie Coffee

Where is your coffee from?

Region: San Iganacio

Co-op: Aprocassi

Altitude: 1,300 + m



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Good Morrow Peruvian Swiss Water Decaf Coffee Beans
Good Morrow Peruvian Swiss Water Decaf Coffee Beans